The Rotarians will be filling boxes with frozen chickens, canned goods, rice, beans, potatoes, and fruit, as well as toys and books for the children.
Members of the Rotary Club of Santa Paula, and other community volunteers, will load up trucks and deliver baskets on the morning of Thursday, December 24, 2009. The success of the program is largely dependent on the generosity of the community. This year we will need extra food and toys to complete the extra baskets. Please, be as generous as you can this year with food and toys. Toys which can be shared among family members such as sports equipment, art supplies, board games, and books are wonderful choices. Students, churches, scout troops, clubs, and mobile home parks have all contributed in the past and are asked again to help your fellow Santa Paulans in need this Christmas season. If you would like to help assemble boxes with food and toys this year, please contact Scott Rushing at 525-3417. For more information on donations to the program, please contact Scott Rushing at (805) 525-3417 or Elias Valdes at (805) 525-6792. Monetary contributions may be given to any Santa Paula Rotary Club member or mailed to the Rotary Club at P.O. Box 809, Santa Paula, CA 93061. Please make all checks payable to Santa Paula Rotary Christmas Basket Fund. You may also access our website at Collection points for canned goods and toys have been established at Fire Station #1 at 114 S. 10th Street, Fire Station #2 at 536 W. Main St., the Santa Paula Police Department at 214 S. 10th Street, Santa Clara Valley Bank at 901 E. Main Street, Rushing Real Estate at 120 Dean Drive, Santa Paula Community Bank at 537 W. Harvard Blvd., and Curves at 922 E. Main Street. Donations will be accepted at the Santa Paula Community Center at 530 W. Main Street on Tuesday afternoon, December 22nd. Once again, thank you for helping ensure 501 families and their children will have a Happy Holiday!